April 20, 2019 ~ 10:30AM  (Doors open at 10:00AM)                        Community Room at the Patten Free Library

The story of how a Bath militia group prevented a load of masts from being delivered to the Royal Navy Shortly after Lexington and Concord is proudly celebrated locally.   We know the story from the American point of view, the names of some of the men involved, and how the masts were later defended when the British sent the frigate Rainbow to try to recover them.   But the journal of an Englishman who participated in that affair presents a different view of the event and sheds light on what really happened.

Renowned local educator and historian Bud Warren offers insight into the event, putting it into a larger context – the mast trade, the British burning of Portland and the ill-fated Penobscot Expedition.   The journal of the mast agent Edward Parry reveals a great deal about what it was like to live in revolutionary times.

Earl R. “Bud” Warren is a Bath native and Morse graduate who spent 25 years as a teacher – ten of those years at Hyde School – an also worked at Bath Iron Works.   He has spent twelve or more years as an Elderhostel and Road Scholar faculty member, is an active participant of the Tide Mill Institute, and is now a regular instructor at Mid Coast Senior College.

The program will begin immediately after the Bath Historical Society’s annual meeting at 10:30AM, Saturday April 20, 2019, in the Community Room of the Patten Free Library.   All are welcome at no charge.


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