BHS Publications

Bath Historical Society publishes its newsletter two times a year, and receiving these is a benefit of membership.  BHS also periodically prints a research publication called The Times of Bath, ME, which appears in a newsletter format of usually eight pages; these are also sent to members.  Each Times issue deals in depth with some aspect of Bath history, under one of three headings: Transportation, Landmark Buildings, and People.  Back issues can be read in the History Room, or they can be purchased either at the History Room or by ordering them online or by mail.  The price is $2 per issue plus shipping and handling if applicable.

The Times of Bath:
Volume One – Transportation:
V1, #1 – The Bath Trolleys in World War I
V1, #2 – End of the Bath Trolleys
V1, #3 – The Changing Face of Bath, Vine Street (1)
V1, #4 – Vine Street (2): After the Bridge Was Built
V1, #5 – A Photo History of the Carlton Bridge: Part I
V1, #6 – Photo History of the Carlton Bridge: Part II
V1, #7 – Route 1 and Building of Leeman Highway
V1, #8 – Construction of the U. S. Route One Overpass

Volume Two – Landmark Buildings
V2, #1 – History of Morse High School
V2, #2 – The Erudition School
V2, #3 – The Plant’s Garage Explosion of March 1938
V2, #4 – The Kennebec Yacht Club on Front Street
V2, #5 – Bath’s Grandest – The Sagadahock House
V2, #6 – Bath’s Devastating Downtown Fire of 1894
V2, #7 – Bath’s City Hall – The Davenport Memorial
V2, #8 – A Glimpse of Yesteryear in Downtown Bath
V2, #9 – The Bath Opera House
V2, #10 – Bath at the Sesquicentennial: Last Looks, New Views
V2, #11 – The Bath Post Office
V2, #12 – Molten Brass & Pig Iron: An Inventory of the Foundries of Bath
V2, #13 – Patten Free Library – A Salute & Review
V2, #14 – Louis Gagne’s ‘Tented City’ in Bath
V2, #15 – The History of the Prawer Building
V2, #16 – Bath Automobile Garages of 1928
V2, #17 – The Bath High School, 1860-1904
V2, #18 – Vine St. Businesses of C. A. Hooker
V2, #19 – Bath’s World War I North End Brick Housing Project & Dike School
V2, #20 – Bath’s World War I Lincoln Street Housing Project (aka the White Project)
V2, #21 – From the Methodist Church to the Acme Supply Company, A Building Recycled
V2, #22 – The Houses of Samuel D. S. Thompson
V2, #23 – Bath Theatres & Halls, Part I: Columbian Hall, Columbia Theatre, New Columbia Theatre, and New Columbian Hall
V2, #24 – Bath Theatres & Halls, Part II: Uptown Theatre and Star Theatre
V2, #25 – Bath Theatres & Halls, Part III: The New Gem Theatre, Dreamland Theatre, and Liberty Theatre
V2, #26 – Bath Hotels: Harbor View Hotel
V2, #27 – William King & Bath’s First Bank
V2, #28 – Hon A. H. Shaw Mansion / Hotel Sedgwick
V2, #29 – The “Old Y” at Summer and Front

Volume Three – People
V3, #1 – Harry C. Webber, Bath Newspaper Editor
V3, #2 – Sam Povich, Bath’s Pioneer Fast Food King
V3, #3 – Eddie Emmons, Drum Major Extraordinaire
V3, #4 – Thomas W. Hyde – General of the Iron Works
V3, #5 – Captain Charles W. Bruce and His Bath-Built Ships, A Trilogy
V3, #6 – SEPTA – South End Parent Teacher Association, 1914-1965
V3, #7 – The Cadets of Bath High School, 1875-1889