Research Form

Research Request Form


The resources of the Sagadahoc History and Genealogy Room at the Patten Free Library are used by experienced volunteer researchers to respond to requests from the public.  This service is available by mail with a donation of $25 in advance for the initial search (up to one hour). If additional research is desired, up to a limit of 4 hours, a donation of $20 per hour is requested. This rate includes a reasonable number of photocopies and postage. Checks should be made payable to the Bath Historical Society.  If volunteers are unavailable or lack the resources to do the research requested, the donation will be returned.


When requesting family historical/genealogical data, please include an ancestor chart or fill in the form below to the fullest extent possible. Indicate what information you already have, then list separately or circle what you need to find. The more information you provide, even if approximate, the more effective the research.   Please email: for additional questions or concerns.

Your name and address: ______________________________________________________________________
Name of ancestor being researched: ______________________________________________________________________
Ancestor’s birth date: __________ place of birth: ______________________________
death date: ___________ place: ___________________________________________
Spouse’s name _________________________________________________________
Spouse’s birth date: __________ place of birth: _______________________________
death date: ___________ place: ___________________________________________
Date of marriage: ______________ place of marriage: __________________________
Names of children and birth dates: ______________________________________________________________________
Occupation: ______________________________________________________________________
Other relatives: ______________________________________________________________________
What SPECIFICALLY do you wish to know? ______________________________________________________________________
Historical event/establishment being researched: _____________________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________________

Location: _____________________________
What SPECIFICALLY do you wish to know? _____________________________________________________________________

Mail Request to:

M. Lakeman
BHS Research

37 Oak Street
Bath, Maine 04530